We provide convenient and comprehensive audio security solutions

Our goal is to find and deliver solutions that secure your sensitive conversations

We want to bridge the gap in cybersecurity by providing comprehensive and convenient audio security

Develop proprietary technology while delivering enhanced security to consumers today


Why Protect?


We are at risk today!

Between our smartphones and IoT devices, there are over 5 billion of these ears worldwide. They have little to no cybersecurity features to keep hackers from eavesdropping on us whenever they please, but we’ve also allowed companies and apps to tap into our microphones at any given time because we ‘agreed’ to the Terms of Service. To protect our conversations today, there is no middle ground between having to choose the benefits technology or security and the right to privacy.

Why do we need to act now?

There are an estimated 10 billion cameras and over 20 billion microphones that are connected to the internet. When someone hacks your webcam, they are also turning on your microphone."

-Ric Ralston, Co-Founder of Mic-Lock and Colampra.


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