EaveStopping Technology

Little Brother secures private conversations and meetings from eavesdropping devices and malware threats


Very few people realize what they've 'agreed' to after accepting the Terms of Service for a device or an app. It is estimated that the average American household has 5 internet connected devices eavesdropping at any given moment , and no solution exists that can prevent unwanted mic activation or neutralize surreptitious eavesdropping devices without sacrificing the benefits of internet connectivity.

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EaveStopping Technology prevents audio from ever reaching local microphones in the first place. Recognizing today's devices as essential tools, we focus on user experience by ensuring device functionality and connectivity. Without relying on software, we ensure conversations remain secure in the event of a cyber breach, the result is the first comprehensive and convenient audio security solution.

Key Differentiators

Convenient and Comprehensive Audio Security

All-in-One EaveStopping Technology Solution

See how our solution compares to other types of solutions. By targeting sound, we not only avoid interrupting device connectivity and capabilities but there are endless ways we can design our sound. Instead of relying on software, we prevent conversations from ever reaching microphones in the first place. 

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